When buying leading lawn care products, don’t pour your money down the drain…

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It’s certainly not because they’re lacking in any way but because the product itself is only one half of the story. And without the other half, your premium brand grass seed or fertilizer is no better than the bargain basement alternative. So, if you’re investing good money in leading brands, you’d better keep reading!

Don’t get me wrong – premium grass products, carefully chosen, can give you more quality. But while still in its packaging it is only a latent quality; releasing its potential requires a lot of other ducks to line up. We live in a world where we’re easily fooled by convincing promises of easy solutions. The trouble is that Mother Earth wasn’t designed that way…

Let me tell you a story…

Before I got into lawns I was a seriously good golfer. No, I’m not boasting; being good is key to the story. I was young and had to work really hard to afford my first set of clubs. And they were ok – nothing special, but ok. Yet I was still able to literally walk up to a ball and hit it perfectly mid-stride. 

Meanwhile, around me were golfers with all the best gear – the right labels, colours, etc. But they were sending balls into the rough or just missing them altogether. My clubs performed better because I knew how to use them, not because they were superior clubs. And there lies the moral of the story – you can buy the best of anything, but getting the best out of it is quite another matter.

So, when I read a marketing message telling me that this or that company sells the very best grass seed available, with fertilizer that delivers more than life itself, I wish it told the full story.

You see, grass from low-cost seed, if well looked after, will outperform the best premium seed in a badly maintained lawn. Fact. And the same goes for any fertilizer you buy.

Now, I love premium lawn products – they definitely have the benefit of research and the best ingredients. But it’s precisely because I’m paying more for them that I want to ensure they have the very best chance to deliver on their promises.

Gardening success relies on three things – quality materials, quality maintenance, and the quirks of Mother Nature. So, when you’re next hovering over two similar lawncare products, one top of the range, the other from the ‘basics’ selection, stop and ask yourself a few questions: Do you know how to maintain a happy, healthy lawn? Do you know how to give it what it needs to survive our extreme weather? Do you even know what you want from it – decoration or practicality? 

If you can’t answer these questions, investing in premium products may just be setting yourself – and your lawn – up for a fall.


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