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We provide support, encouragement, expert product advice and exclusive offers – PLUS online learning to expand your knowledge and skills in lawn care.

We will be adding articles, podcasts, instructional videos and more over the coming months. And we’ll also be extending our online shop to include domestic lawn care products that have been tested, selected or even commissioned by our own expert.

a beautiful garden ANYWHERE

Free, expert and reliable lawn care advice

We believe that correct basic lawn care information should be freely available. Use our website to check up on the essential techniques and problem-solving. 

For those who want to invest in the very best lawn care, from early 2021 you will be able to subscribe to our advanced Online Learning Course. It’s great value – fun, comprehensive and informative – and if it fails to answer any of your questions, you can come directly to us!

a beautiful garden ANYWHERE

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About the lawn association | David Hedges-Gower delivering lawn care training

The UK’s leading lawn expert, David Hedges-Gower, invites you to join us and help maintain healthy lawns now and for future generations.

Association Members enjoy:

  • Monthly lawn care e-bulletins – a mix of topical advice, insights and musings from David Hedges Gower
  • FREE Ultimate Mowing Guide (see more below)
  • EXCLUSIVE discount for the comprehensive online learning course, available from early 2021
  • Members’ Shop – David is busy sourcing, testing and commissioning products for domestic users – and always at good prices.

We need you! Whether you are a keen or a reluctant gardener, if you know the value of your lawn to your own well-being and to the surrounding environment, then we want to help you. 

Join  FREE today and you will receive your own digital copy of the ULTIMATE MOWING GUIDE written by leading lawn expert and founder, David Hedges-Gower.

Our lawns are judged by how they look – and the finishing touch is the mowing. Good mowing is something really worth learning, and something you can enjoy too.

The comprehensive guide answers the essential questions about skilled mowing, including

  • Type of mower
  • Mower maintenance
  • Cut height guides (include reducing very long grass over time)
  • When in the year
  • Time of day/other conditions
  • How the Pros mow
  • Mowing after/before other lawn care jobs

Scroll through this extract – see what you get!

We also give you …

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Our 12-month Lawn Care Planner – a printable PDF booklet to help you get ready for a full year of improved lawn care and a happier, healthier lawn!

Lawn Professionals, Landscapers, Garden Designers, etc

We offer a Membership Scheme for a wide range of professionals who will benefit from the best lawn knowledge.  This also gives you access to our discount buying group and advance booking on our training courses. Find out more here