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The Horticultural Media has not had it easy when it comes to lawn care. Without an expert and answerable authority to refer to, it has always been difficult to report accurately on what’s good and bad in the world of lawn care.

But that’s now changing. We are here to help you obtain reliable facts and information and to share the good news about sustainable lawn care in the 21st century!

What to expect from the Lawn Association

A key pledge of the Lawn Association is to be an accessible and reliable source of information and evidence about good practice and sustainable lawn care. We are here to help you share this with your audience in three key areas:

Lifestyle and sustainability: Encouraging people to preserve their lawns for their own wellbeing and that of the planet – making it easier to understand good modern lawn care and to maintain happy and healthy lawns.

Science: We promise clarity and transparency of the facts surrounding lawns and their care. We promote the use (and future development) of more organic treatments, and the availability of these to ordinary consumers. And we vigorously contest untruths and unsustainable advice and trends such as widescale replacement with artificial grass.

Information: We provide clear and accessible articles, podcasts and videos to explain how grass grows, how lawns work and how modern lawn care can preserve this beautiful, enjoyable, healthy and vital living asset in homes, organisations and public spaces.

You are welcome to use the basic information in the WHAT, WHY, HOW section, and to quote from our blog. And any information requests can go direct to the Chairman, David Hedges-Gower, who will be pleased to help you.

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