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Exclusive Membership Scheme for Lawn and other Horticultural Professionals


Do YOU want to protect and develop your professional future?


Now you can – and with our help.

Here’s the problem:

Lawn care, already a crowded sector, will grow even more competitive as the UK’s economy reshapes itself. So how do you get ahead, protect your business and grow it for the future? And how do you demonstrate your competence when tendering for new projects?

How? Simple –  you have to prove that you’re the best, with the best skills, knowledge, tools and products. 

And that’s where we can help – but YOU have to take the first step . . .

Investing in our Professional Membership is the single most important step you can take to become the best. 

You will be joining a group of fellow professionals committed to driving the highest modern standards in sustainable lawn management – securing the future demand for skilled lawn care – for YOU. 

Benefits include:

  1. Member’s discounted rates for UK’s only comprehensive training
  2. Huge Discounts on leading lawn care machinery and products and fertilisers.
  3. Resource Library to help with regulatory compliance and efficient working practice
  4. ‘Knowledge Builder’ articles
  5. Enhanced reputation as a member of the ONLY lawn care organisation leading on sustainable practice
  6.  Have your lawn care questions and problems answered and solved by the Uk’s leading lawn expert, via our members only zoom calls and Facebook group.
  7. An introductory live chat with the Lawn Association chairman David Hedges-Gower to discuss your business, its goals and any issues. 
Lawn Association Professional Membership
Lawn Association Professional Membership

You will be joining a group of fellow professionals committed to driving the highest modern standards in sustainable lawn management – securing the future demand for skilled lawn care – for YOU. 

Benefits include:

  1. Member’s discounted rates for UK’s only comprehensive training
  2. Discount machinery and products
  3. Resource Library to help with regulatory compliance and efficient working practice
  4. Monthly Knowledge Builder
  5. Association with the lawn care organisation leading on sustainable practice

The UK’s only comprehensive professional training

From 2021, our 6-day professional training will be available at various locations across the country. This is the ONLY lawn care training that gives you the qualifications and depth of expertise you WILL need to compete in the future.

  • Our training will change the way you design and deliver your lawn care.
  • Our training will improve the conversations you have with future high-value and well-informed customers.
  • Our training will future-proof your ability to deliver the best lawn service.

If you want future success and security, you need to back up your business with the best professional lawn care qualifications – simple.

Selective buying power from the leading brands

No more low-grade, inefficient machinery and products letting you down!

Our association with the very best brands and our collective buying power means that if you’re after a quality scarifier, an accurate pedestrian sprayer, a tonne of premium fertiliser – or even sourcing a mower for a client – we can get great savings.

You’ll recoup your membership fee on just your first purchase!

The buying group has many benefits.  Our discount bulk-buying scheme runs on ‘optimum purchase windows’ based on lawn seasons and our lawn care programmes (though of course you can buy at other times too). We can also obtain discounts on machines, from scarifiers to aerators – the very best machines at the best prices! We’ll be saving you money season after season. But there’s more…

The Lawn Association mantra is ‘sustainable lawn care’ – the emerging benchmark of responsibility and quality across the industry. Through our sponsors Aitkens and Terralift, we’ll be helping you select organic products, and will never sell any polymer-coated products. By using Terralift Organic fertiliser, for example, derived from waste food, you can build your business on your sustainability credentials, reducing your carbon footprint and enhancing the soils under the lawns you tend. There’s no more compelling message to give your future customers.

And finally, even your customers can benefit from buying mowers, through our sponsorship brands, Mountfield, Atco and Stiga – machines that will suit the homeowner and the professional, alike.

Resource Library

We want to help you stay the right side of regulations and requirements.

Calibrating machinery and maintaining adequate records is a constant headache for the busy practitioner. 

So, we are building a Resource Library giving you instant access to  templates for keeping your own records as well as easy-to-use tools for calibration. This won’t just improve your performance and avoid wasting fertilisers, herbicides, etc – it will ALSO demonstrate your professionalism, helping you to retain existing clients and to grow your customer base.

We also include essential field and equipment safety information and advice to keep you, your business and your clients out of danger!

Knowledge Builder

gardeners worls live

David leading on lawn care at Gardeners’ World Live

How do you maintain – and improve – your knowledge while on the job?

Correct winter feeds – accurate sprayer calibration – post-winter recovery – just some of the knowledge you need to remain competitive.

And with our  Knowledge Builder articles you can continually add to your own professional knowledge base. 

Leading lawn expert David Hedges-Gower, the Association Chairman, is adding concise tutorial articles and videos to help you expand your knowledge of important but often misunderstood lawn care topics. 

This is knowledge you can take out into the field immediately, or draw on when you hit a problem. But it’s also an essential part of your ongoing professional development – a practical and valuable part of your membership.

Helping to improve demand for high-quality sustainable lawn care – demand for your services. 

Do you care about your profession’s reputation? Well, you should! And we’re constantly working hard to improve it – so that you can promote your business with pride and confidence.

Our work with the public, the media and with other professional organisations is vital in reinforcing a positive image of the lawn, and ensures that everyone understands the key role that well-maintained lawns play in our lives – better health, better recreation, and better biodiversity and sustainability.

This essential work ensures that demonstrably-skilled lawn care will always be in demand – sustainable lawn care certified by the best professional training available.

So, what’s the cost?

Annual membership costs just £149.99, offering fantastic value! 

Lawn Association Professional Membership


The Lawn Association is new – but its values are established and respected.

David Hedges-Gower – Chairman, author, commentator, trainer and consultant – has worked in the lawn and sports industry for 40 years.

Widely regarded as the UK’s leading lawn expert, David advises the National Trust and previously taught for the RHS. He helps to guide manufacturer’s R&D to create better tools and products. And his influence in the media has seen modern lawn care respected for what it is, an environmental win-win for everyone. 

This is why being a professional member of the Lawn Association puts YOU on the right track to take your business forwards.