True Garden Range of Organic Fertilisers and Soil Improvers

True Yield

True Yield Organic fertiliser and soil conditioner | Lawn Association

True Yield is a revolutionary new sustainable, organic fertiliser & soil improver, specifically designed to improve the health, colour, taste and yield of all your vegetables and fruits.

Created from composted food waste, rich in all the essential vitamins, acids and nutrients required to keep your allotments healthy and bountiful, True Yield is the new standard in ethical, sustainable, organic fertilisers. True Yield literally is ‘from plate to plot’

True Grass

True Grass Organic Lawn Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner | Lawn Association

True Grass is the organic fertiliser your lawns have been desperate for!

Why use a chemical based fertiliser that can damage the critical health of your lawns soils, when you can use True Grass that not only feeds your grass but nourishes your soils too?!

Sustainable, organic, rich in all the essential elements key to healthy grass and soils, True Grass is a ‘true’ game changer in modern, Earth friendly lawn care. 

True Bloom

True Garden organic fertiliser and soil improver | Lawn Association

True Bloom is a sustainable organic fertiliser, specifically developed to put the bloom back in your baskets, borders, pots and beds!

True Bloom is packed full of organic goodness and contains a subtle nutrient analysis specifically tailored to maximise your soil condition and help gain extra health, vitality, colour, and ‘bloom’ of all your plants, flowers and herbs.

Love Your Soils

True Garden products are a natural soil conditioner and nutritious fertiliser in one. The True Garden range, being very high in organic matter, will help increase the beneficial bacteria and microbes in your soils, which are critical to growing success.


Created from composted food waste and packaged in compostable and recyclable tubes, True Garden Range offers a ‘true’ all in one eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to the usual chemical based garden fertilisers.

Long Term Benefits

Each tube of the True Range is jam packed with nutritious granules created from an organic stable humus, high in essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and naturally rich in amino, fulvic and humic acids. These organic granules offer a more balanced and controlled release of vital nutrients to your plants and vegetables.

6 Easy Ways To Use The True Garden Range:

  1. Mix into planting material before seeding.
  2. Apply to beds instead of manure.
  3. Sprinkle over soils after planting.
  4. Apply a little every week, or sprinkle heavily 4 to 6 weeks as nutrient increasing feed.
  5. Add to old compost to rejuvenate it and allow you use it again.
  6. Mix a few spoonful’s with water to make a nutritious liquid feed.

Key Features Of The True Garden Range:

  • Created using recycled, composted food waste. This really is the ultimate in sustainable, chemical free, natural plant food! 
  • Three individually designed soil improvement fertilisers, specifically tailored for different areas of your garden.
  • Contains super high levels of soil healthy organic matter whilst also being super low in inert carbon fibers.
  • Has more components and is more diverse than an animal manure alternative, leading to a more prolonged release of essential elements being absorbed by your plants to support their growth.
  • Naturally rich in amino, fulvic and humic acids, perfect for encouraging, vibrant healthy plant growth.
  • The granules break down easily allowing rapid uptake of the essential nutrients, to feed your plants, whilst the fertiliser also stimulates and feeds the soils microbiology.
  • Unique compostable and recyclable tube, that also doubles as a simple applicator, allowing you to easily apply the organic granules to your flowers, vegetables, fruits and lawns.
  • Granules can be applied as a main seasonal feed, or if preferred as weekly nutrient top ups. 
  • Child and pet safe.
  • Bee, insect and earthworm friendly.
Safe & Easy to use
Almost zero risk of scorching to plant leaf, stem or grass blade and the built in applicator makes it fast and easy to apply
Good For All
The power packed granules pose no risk to wildlife, or inquisitive children & pets.
Food That Feeds
The perfect nutrient analysis feeds your plants, whilst the organic matter from the composted food waste feed your soils microbes.
On or In?
True Garden Range is very flexible and easy to use. You can sprinkle onto or add into the soil.