What do you get a lawn enthusiast for Christmas?

There are some wonderful things you can buy for gardeners with lawns. I wouldn’t mind some of them myself this year – after all, even the best-made tools eventually wear out. So, here’s my list of suggestions for you to add to your letter to Santa this year – but first….

christmas balls

…. my perfect Christmas gift is not yet available; but if it were it would be a simpler way to keep mower blades sharp. Yes, I know it doesn’t sound earth-shatteringly exciting, but if you know anything about lawns you’ll know just how important sharp blades are! So, maybe it’s something the Lawn Association boffins could start working on? 

In the meantime, you CAN choose any of these useful items.

Are you the kind of lawn enthusiast who never feels the job’s quite done when you’ve finished mowing? Well, a great present might be a new pair of edging shears. Yes I know, you may be really attached to that old pair you’ve had for years, but are they light, beautifully balanced and a joy to use? A good modern set will be. And nothing makes a lawn look smarter than a nice clean edge. If you prefer something that does a good job but faster, there are plenty of excellent strimmers to choose from. Just be sure to get one with an adjustable head.

All lawn lovers complain about falling leaves … so maybe your choice should be a new lawn rake? They can be simple and inexpensive but they are invaluable in the fight to prevent disease attracted by the decaying leaves. 

Fancy something bigger, or looking for an extra-special gift? Well, why not consider a new mower? You’re spoilt for choice, which can make the selection process daunting, but we’re happy to say that any made by our sponsors will deliver dependable build quality and design features. Their ranges also have every possible need covered, from tiny front lawns to expansive parkland lawns. 

Or … dig a little deeperquite literally. Treat yourself to a new aerating machine or a scarifier. More and more gardeners realize how vital these are to good lawn care, and they’re simple to use too. Or for smaller areas, just get yourself a hollow tine aeration fork. 

The best gift of all? I would say that is the chance to continue learning more about good, modern lawn care – and that means getting our online learning course when it is launched. So if none of the above fit the bill, give yourself an IOU note, and as soon as the course is ready, sign up and get learning! 

Whatever you choose, have a fantastic Christmas – and here’s to a successful new year for the great British lawn!